Regional puno cuisine


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Puno is a wonderful city, located in the south of Peru, known for its beautiful Lake Titicaca, its rich culture and delicious cuisine. Whether you are here for tourism, business or study, we are sure that you will enjoy your stay in our city.

Elevation: 3,827m
Area: 15,57 km²
Population: 128,637 (2017)
Weather: 15°C, 19km/h NE wind, 11% humidity

regional puno

Mojsa is an Aymara word that means Tasty, Exquisite, and we chose it as our name because that is what we aspire to, to offer a varied menu full of alternatives with a common denominator, good taste. But also because it is our language and we are interested in giving our company a regional character.

our founders

16 years ago we materialized this dream, a dream that had been cooking many years before. In all this time we have learned a lot from our failures and successes and we have almost achieved our goal of offering a “Mojsa” product.

our staff

The Chef and his team under the direction of our Chef, a team of young assistants contribute fresh ideas to the development and improvement of our menu and are in continuous learning. We are very happy to support the development of their skills, but above all we are very grateful for their commitment and daily effort.

Our partners

Our food is possible thanks to these local providers.

Arapa Trouts
Qollqe Pisco
Café de las Nubes
Destilería Andina
Rollos de Papel S.A.C.